About us

Who We Are:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and here at Turkey Campus, we were the first step and companion for thousands of ambitious students. To them, it is our honor to provide our best educational support, counseling services, various academic facilities, and exceptional discounts during their university admission procedures and enrollment. As well as a consistent follow-up to ease them into their new university life. Professionalism and credibility are the cornerstones of our engagement with our students, earning Turkey Campus a name deserving of trust and all the services it has to offer. We devote our years of experience in the educational sector, as well as our acquired knowledge and experiences, to be your first and most reliable destination when enrolling in a Turkish university.


Our Vision

We seek to pave their educational path for them, starting with the best Turkish private universities and continuing until they reach the labor market as the best graduates, who each have a unique mark in the service and development of their countries and societies.


Our Mission


To be the first destination for our students in delivering free educational counseling through our educational counselors and directing them to the best possibilities accessible to them in Turkish universities with complete accountability that their future is our priority.


Ensuring acceptance to universities based on majors that match their objectives and preferences through our extensive and strong network of connections with Turkish universities and achieving a better educational future.


Assisting in all aspects of daily and legal life so that our students can move confidently and effortlessly toward their educational future.


Turkey Campus serves as a second family for our students in Turkey. We keep our doors always open to welcome them, strengthen our relationships with them, connect with them, and follow up with them even after the registration process is through.

Our Values

In all our interactions, we maintain the following ethical standards:


it requires us to be responsible for our students future, offering all options and always directing them to their best possibilities, in accordance with their vision and finances.


This means serving with transparency, openness, and professional ethics in all our interactions and activities in a reasonable, practical, and honest manner and taking responsibility for our decisions.


It is diversity that makes the defining feature. As a result, at Turkey Campus, we view respect as a fundamental principle in our interactions with students of other nationalities.


It is accomplished by selecting qualified staff members who have extensive knowledge of Turkey, years of experience working in the educational sector, and who aim to build an environment at work that encourages their capacity to develop as individuals.