Study Medicine in Turkey

Degrees in human medicine prepare aspiring physicians to identify, treat, and prevent diseases with the aim of improving patients' well-being. International medical schools offer degrees in human medicine with specialisations in genetics, immunology, neurology, toxicology, nutrition sciences, anatomy, and more. You must complete a residency programme after receiving a medical degree in order to practise medicine. 

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Why Study Medicine in Turkey in English for International Students 

The benefits of studying medicine in Turkey are numerous. Turkish medical universities offer top-notch instruction to individuals interested in pursuing medicine abroad; further factors include: 

  1. High quality of education according to QS World University Rankings 

  1. Affordable living expenses and tuition fees 

  1. Friendly Turkish people and a safe country 

  1. Globally accredited qualifications and degrees 

  1. A wide variety of universities students can choose from

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Turkey in English 

  1. Several Turkish medical schools have been admitted to the club of the world's top 500 universities. 

  1. The simplicity of getting a visa to Turkey. 

  1. The option to study medicine in Turkey in either Turkish or English. 

  1. Pleasant, moderate weather over most of the year. 

  1. Turkish customs and traditions are balanced and similar to those of the majority of the region's inhabitants. 

  1. Global and scientific recognition of university degrees in Turkey.

What Do Turkish Universities Offer to Medical Students? 

  1. The use of contemporary teaching techniques that encourage participation in class discussions. 

  1. Possibilities for hands-on education through participation in workshops, clinics, universities, and hospitals. 

  1. Research Institutes and modern laboratories 

  1. Internship opportunities at any hospitals that have a mutual agreement with the university outside of campus.

The Importance of Medicine Specialisation in Turkey

Without a doubt, due to the significant responsibilities that a doctor has, specialisation in human medicine is now regarded as among the top academic specialisations. The recent global health issues highlighted the significance of the various medical sector employees, as doctors served as the pandemic's front-line warriors. 

In addition to giving its owner a respectable social status, this humanitarian career also affords him a good working environment, a comparatively decent wage, and a more opulent lifestyle as his experiences are refined.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria to Study Medicine in Turkey 

In Turkey, you need to have completed high school to pursue medicine.  Various requirements apply based on your educational background (your high school diploma type) 

Here are some standard requirements for admission to Turkish universities' medical programmes: 

  • High School Diploma (Minimum 70% Average) 

  • Grade-level transcripts 

  • Motivational letter (if possible) 

  • Valid Passport 

Duration of Studying Human Medicine at Turkish Universities 

Human medical studies in Turkey typically last six years, but this can be extended by adding a preparatory year to help students with their language skills, their specific specialisation, or their training in public and university hospitals. 

  • The fundamental sciences including Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology are frequently covered in the first three years of college. 

  • Beginning in the fourth academic year, the student begins working at university hospitals and participating in practical training. 

  • During the latter two years of practical training, the student could get a small salary. 

Theoretical Subjects for Studying Medicine in Turkey 

  1. Biochemistry 

  1. Organic Chemistry 

  1. Medical biology 

  1. Biophysics 

  1. Statistics 

  1. Genes 

  1. Medical Ethics 

  1. Anatomy 

  1. Physiology 

  1. Histology 

  1. Embryology 

  1. Basics of Pathology 

  1. Introduction to Pharmacology 

  1. Microbiology 

  1. Public health 

  1. Environmental Health 

  1. History and Ethics of Medicine

Best Universities to study Medicine in English in Turkey for International Students 

  • Best Public Universities to Study Medicine in English 


Annual Tuition Fee

Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa

40,000 Liras

Ankara University


Hacettepe University

50,700 Liras

Marmara University

30,000 Liras

  1. Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa
    It is one of the top universities in Turkey and holds a distinguished place among institutions of higher learning in Europe. The annual tuition for studying medicine in English is about 40,000 liras, which is inexpensive in comparison to other universities.

  1. Ankara University
    Founded in 1946, it is one of Turkey's oldest and top institutions. Medical students at Ankara University are trained as competent doctors at the national and international levels using student-centred learning techniques. The cost of tuition for English-language medical studies is roughly $4,400 per year.

  1. Hacettepe University
    It is one of Turkey's oldest and most prestigious institutions. It is situated in the nation's capital, Ankara, and was founded in 1967. The university is renowned for its excellent educational offerings and contributions to the medical and healthcare industries. The annual cost of studying medicine in English is roughly 50,700 liras, which is low given the standard of education.

  1. Marmara University
    It was established in 1983, is one of Turkey's well-known universities, and is situated on Istanbul's Asian side. From undergraduate to graduate (Master's and PhD) studies, it is one of the top universities for medical programmes. A Bachelor of Medicine in English costs about 30,000 liras per year in tuition.

  1. Ege University
    The third-largest city in Turkey is Izmir, which is also the location of Ege University, a public university. After being established in 1955, it was the first university in Izmir to start holding classes. Additionally, it is a well-known research institution. In addition to having a strong student union that provides access to several possibilities for students to get active in student life and develop outside of their academics, the institution uses a number of faculties to administer its courses and degree programmes.

  1. Dokuz Eylul University
    Since its founding in 1982, Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) has a proud history of being a centre for education and research in Turkey, notably in the Aegean Region. With 70,081 students from all across Turkey and 1,366 foreign students studying there, it is one of the biggest universities in Turkey. The Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) chose Dokuz Eylül University as one of the top 20 pilot institutions in 2018.

  1. Gazi University
    Ankara, Turkey, serves as the primary location for Gazi University. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded it as the Gazi Teacher Training Institute in 1926. The university's goal is to educate people who can lead society and respect national, spiritual, cultural, and human values. They also aim to contribute to society's lifelong education and development process by producing knowledge through ground-breaking research, sharing it, and applying it in the real world.

  1. Cukurova University
    The institution offers 80 undergraduate programmes, 64 graduate programmes, and 23 vocational programmes Both undergraduate and graduate students are taught in English at the university's Foreign Languages Research and Application Center. Ten faculties, three graduate schools, three colleges, and seven vocational colleges make up the university. There are more than 1,903 administrative staff members at the university, along with 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Best Private Universities to Study Medicine in English 

University Name


Annual Tuition Fee (Approx.)

Medipol University


$14,500 - $27,500 (varies)

Istinye University



Bahçeşehir University



Maltepe University



Üsküdar University



Istanbul Aydin University



Istanbul Altinbas University



Biruni University



Yeditepe University



Koc University



Istanbul Okan University



    1. Medipol University
It is ranked first in 2019 for medical schools in Turkey, with a number of sizable hospitals nearby. It is highly known for its extensive offerings in the medical and health disciplines as well as the unwavering quality of the curricula
at its various faculties. It has also won numerous awards on a global scale. It provides a variety of training possibilities for students to get them ready for the workforce. The annual cost of tuition for English-language medical studies is $26,400. In the case of an upfront payment, this cost might be lowered to $23,760.

2. İstinye University
It is one of the greatest places to study medicine in Turkey because Istinye Medical Park Hospital is one of the top medical facilities in Turkey and one of Istanbul's major hospitals. The most recent technology is available at its hospitals for both patients and students. As of the fourth academic year, it also offers students practical training in its hospitals. It boasts a sizable group of well-known medical professionals and researchers both locally and internationally, giving the students the ideal learning environment. The cost of medical school in English is $21,600 per year.

3. Bahçeşehir University
It is one of Turkey's largest educational institutes. It was founded in 1998 and is situated in the Beşiktaş neighbourhood on Istanbul's European side. Compared to other universities, the offered medicine programme features challenging and demanding courses that students must attend five days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. The cost of attending medical school in English is $25,000 per year.

4. Maltepe University
It was founded in 1997, is one of Turkey's biggest colleges, and is situated on Istanbul's Asian side.  In order to address the shifting social requirements through technological and medical advancements in the healthcare sector, it launched its medical school in 2013.  It is one of the private institutions with affordable tuition. The cost of attending medical school in English is $14,000 per year.

5. Üsküdar University
It is one of Istanbul's more recent universities, having opened its doors in 2011.  The institution is renowned for its expertise in medicine, particularly in the fields of psychotherapy, psychological rehabilitation, and mental health. The cost of the Bachelor of Medicine degree with English as the primary language of instruction is $19,000 per year. In the case of an upfront payment, this cost might be lowered to $18.050.

6.Istanbul Aydin University
It is among the top universities in Turkey. It is situated on Istanbul's European side and was founded in 2003. The Bachelor of Medicine in English costs $22,000 per year in tuition. If payment in advance is made, this fee can be lowered to $20,900.

7.Istanbul Altinbas University
It is one of the more recent institutions, having been founded in 2008, and is situated on Istanbul's European side. The university has numerous cutting-edge learning laboratories. The provided medicine programme distinguishes itself by offering clinical medicine courses as early as the first year. The cost of tuition for an English-language medical degree is $20,000 per year.

8.Biruni University
It is a prestigious private university where you can study medicine. This institution of higher learning was established in 2014 and is situated in Istanbul. It has faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and a vocational school for health services, and it is known for its medical programmes. The annual cost of tuition for English-language medical studies is $19,000. In the case of an upfront payment, this cost can be lowered to $17,100.

9.Yeditepe University
It is one of Turkey's most esteemed universities. It is situated on Istanbul's Asian side and was established in 1996. The university is distinguished by the range of programmes it provides and the accessibility of all medical specialties, particularly medicine. The annual cost of tuition for English-language medical studies is $27,500.

10.Koc University
It was established in Istanbul in 1993, making it one of the best and most renowned universities in Turkey. With its rapid advancement in scientific research, it is one of the top universities in Turkey to study medicine. The majority of the programmes on offer are in English. The goal of the medical programme is to prepare doctors to address the escalating health problems of the twenty-first century and do so on the basis of solid scientific evidence. The cost of tuition for a medical degree is $26,500 per year, which is affordable given the excellent quality of instruction and prestigious reputation of the institution.

11.Istanbul Okan University
Okan University in Istanbul was established in 1999. This young university strives to be a pioneer in social, cultural, and economic research on issues pertaining to education, sports, and health. The institution now offers over 55 bachelor's degrees, 121 master's programmes, and 19 doctoral programmes. There are over 15,000 students enrolled, many of them international.

Fees For Studying Medicine in Turkish Private Universities 

When compared to the costs of studying medicine abroad, even at private universities in the Middle East, the tuition for human medicine at private institutions in Turkey is affordable and competitive. It can be noted that tuition at private medical universities in Turkey ranges from $14,500 to $27,500.

Most Popular Human Medicine Programmes for International Students in Istanbul 
  1. Cognitive Science 

  1. Cancer Epidemiology 

  1. Neuroscience 

  1. Tumor Biology and Immunology

What Fields Can a Med Student Work in After Specialization? 

A doctor can explore a wide range of significant practical fields while in medical school in Turkey. 

After the medical student has finished his studies in the specialty, based on his practical training experience, his training at university hospitals, and the years of experience he has accrued, he has a number of employment options, the most significant of which are those in the following sectors: 

  • Work in a hospital, either public or private. 

  • Work at private clinics or dispensaries. 

  • Work in laboratories, medical research facilities, or scientific research facilities. 

  • Work in medical and academic institutions. 

  • Work in research, writing, and blogging in the medical sciences. 

  • Work at trading firms with expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Is Studying Medicine in Turkey Difficult? 

The medical education system in Turkey is among the best in the world. Turkish universities are also notable for their state-of-the-art labs, medical facilities, and university hospitals that train highly competent doctors to hold the best positions in the world. 

Study Medicine in Turkey

FAQ Study In Turkey

Studying medicine in Turkey offers high-quality education, affordable living expenses and tuition fees, globally accredited qualifications and degrees, and a friendly and safe environment.
Yes, several Turkish medical schools offer medical programs in English for international students.
Human medical studies in Turkey typically last six years, but this can be extended by adding a preparatory year for language skills or specialization.
Standard requirements include a High School Diploma (Minimum 70% Average), grade-level transcripts, motivational letter (if possible), and a valid passport.
Some of the best public universities include Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa, Ankara University, Hacettepe University, Marmara University, Ege University, Dokuz Eylul University, Gazi University, and Cukurova University.
Top private universities include Medipol University, Istinye University, Bahçeşehir University, Maltepe University, Üsküdar University, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul Altinbas University, Biruni University, Yeditepe University, Koc University, and Istanbul Okan University.
Tuition fees at private medical universities in Turkey range from $14,500 to $27,500.