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Biruni University

Amr Abdelrahman Fri, Nov 4, 2022

Centuries ago, Hindus and Muslims were in great disagreement until a great scientist appeared to people who were like a dove of peace between them.

He is Abu Al-Rayhan Al-Biruni, one of the greatest Muslim philosophers and scholars of his time. When we talk about Al-Biruni and his prolific knowledge in several fields, we should never forget to mention Biruni University, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is one of the distinguished universities in providing educational services at a high and international level in the production of information in various health fields, with many students of different nationalities.

Let me take you on a tour of the university.

About the university (features and specializations):

In the beginning, I must note, as I do every time, that Biruni University is an accredited and official university in Turkey, affiliated with the Supreme Council of Turkish Universities, and therefore accredited in Europe and many Arab countries.

The university was founded in 2014, and its campus is based in European Istanbul.

It focuses on research and development in health and is ranked one hundred and thirty-eight among Turkish universities and ranked 6607 globally.

The University Features:

Despite the university’s modernity, it put its name among the strongest universities in Turkey for several reasons. Let me tell you about them:

  1. Biruni University offers scholarships and significant discounts.
  2. It is concerned with the overall performance evaluation system, which encourages faculty members to develop themselves constantly.
  3. The university is committed to making permanent and periodic changes and developments in sciences and technologies, especially in the field of health at the levels of education and training to ensure a high level of education.
  4. Ensuring the highest level of education with qualified trainers in specialized health branches and cooperation with the Higher Education Council to graduate a distinguished generation in various health fields.
  5. The university owns advanced technological hospitals.
  6. The university provides cultural, artistic, and sports activities for students and faculty members to contribute to developing their personalities, as there are many clubs and student societies at Biruni University.
  7. It has membership in international student exchange programs.
  8. The university has many research centers, luxurious, and advanced infrastructure.
  9. The university Possesses experienced and competent faculty members.
  10. The university is located in the center of Istanbul and is easily accessible (Marmaray Kazlicesme Station, within walking distance of Cevizlibag Metro Station, near the Eurasian Tunnel).
  11. Advanced, comprehensive, and diverse study programs, under the supervision of faculty members, are designed for the students. These programs aim to allow students to work on different projects to acquire a culture of research, explore individual talents and graduate competencies.
  12. It provides students with many international opportunities by developing cooperation with leading global health institutions in the field of education.
  13. The university has an employment center where the center helps students to define and achieve their career goals according to their skills. The center provides the following services:
  14. Career guidance services.
  15. Vocational training opportunities in the business sectors that the university cooperates with.
  16. Providing information to students about various business sectors.

The University Goals:

  1. Continuously improving the quality of education, research, and development.
  2. Allowing students to build their scientific and practical experiences to keep pace with the labor market.
  3. Focusing on studies that contribute to raising, researching, and developing economic, scientific, and societal life.
  4. Focusing on research and development in health and contributing to production.
  5. The Commitment to a fair performance appraisal system, which encourages faculty members to develop themselves.
  6. Attracting, supporting, and encouraging academically outstanding students.
  7. Providing students with practical experiences through student exchange programs the university participates in, such as Erasmus Program.

The Study majors:

Biruni University is concerned with medical specializations in particular. Additionally, it includes its own hospital, through which students can live the practical experience.

The specializations at the university are divided into:

The Faculty of Education

  1. Psychological Counseling and Guidance
  2. Teaching Special Education
  3. English Teacher
  4. Turkish Language Teacher
  5. Primary School Teacher
  6. Kindergarten Teacher

The Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Medicine

  1. Human Medicine in two languages

The Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Emergency and Disaster Management
  2. Health Management
  3. Ear and Hearing Problems
  4. Nutrition and Diet
  5. Nursing in two languages
  6. Social Services
  7. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  8. Occupational Therapy
  9. Child Development
  10. Treatment of Language and Pronunciation Problems
  11. The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  12. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  13. Industrial Design
  14. Interior Architecture
  15. Biomedical Engineering
  16. Computer Engineering

The Faculty of Dentistry

  1. Dentistry in two languages

The Tuition Fees:

Specialization The language of study Expense After the discount
Medicine Turkish 17000$ 13770$
Dentistry Turkish 15000$ 12150$
Dentistry English 17000$ 13770$
Pharmacy Turkish 15000$ 7000$
Teaching English Turkish 4000$ 3060$
Teaching primary school Turkish 4000$ 2754$
Advanced education Turkish 4000$ 2754$
Medicine English 20000$ 16200$
Pharmacy English 8100$ -
Computer programming Turkish 2500$ -
Computer engineering Turkish 4000$ -
Computer engineering English 7000$ 3060$
Electronics Engineering Turkish 4000$ -
Electronics Engineering English 7000$ 3060$

The University Campus:

The university has one campus located in Istanbul. It is worth mentioning that the university is interested in implementing many student activities, such as:

1- Scientific activities: The Brain Research Group, Science and Research Group, the Red Crescent Group, and the Biomedical Society Group.

2- Professional activities: It is a group of academic, social, and sports activities.

3- The Nutrition and Dietetics Society, the Entrepreneurial Society, the Medical Student Association, and the Social Work Society

4- Social activities: Biruni Volunteer Society, Martial Arts Society, Photography Society, Animal Rights Society, Islamic Research Society, Camping and Travel Society, and Music Society.

Registration at Biruni University requires some papers, such as a translated and certified high school certificate, an original copy of the passport with a translation, personal photos of the student, and the language certificate, if any.

The Cost of Living:

So, what is the cost of living if you are studying at Biruni University? Let us tell you that you are in Istanbul, the largest Turkish city and the actual economic capital of Turkey.

Istanbul is considered the most expensive city in Turkey in terms of cost of living, but living on the Asian side is slightly cheaper than the European side.

And know, my dear, Istanbul is different from all other cities of Turkey, because it is a large city and its regions are considered small cities in it, therefore, you will not be able to assess the cost of living in Istanbul completely. You must see the area in which you will live.

The average cost of living for a student in a shared housing could be ranging from 2000 to 2500 liras with food and drink. Indeed, this will vary according to your way of life and your other personal expenses, outings and so on.

The important advantage of being in Istanbul is that you’ll be in the midst of trade, industry and business. This will impose itself on your life, personality and opportunities to develop your skills.

In conclusion, we would like to inform you that Turkey Campus will help you apply to Biruni University and even provide you with the best discount on tuition fees, and will be with you until you arrive and settle in Istanbul, apply now.


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