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Master's in Dentistry in Turkey

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Mon, Oct 16, 2023

Dentistry is an important part of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral illnesses and conditions. Doing a master’s in dentistry is an essential step towards practicing the profession. It also adds to your credibility and professionalism in diagnosis and treatment. If you’re considering doing a master’s in dentistry, then you’ve landed on the right page! In this guide, we discuss everything regarding doing a master’s degree in dentistry in Europe, Canada, and Turkey! Come on, let’s get right down to business! 

Master's in Dentistry 

First things first, what’s a master’s in dentistry, exactly? 
A Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) is a prestigious postgraduate degree that provides dentists with advanced skills, training, and specialization in a particular area of dentistry. MSD programs typically last two to three years and include a combination of coursework, clinical practice, dental public health, and research.  

Masters in Dentistry in Europe 
Europe is quite the choice when it comes to doing a master’s in dentistry, and for a good reason. It offers a diverse range of Master's in Dentistry programs at renowned institutions. Also, these programs typically provide an in-depth understanding of clinical dentistry, research methodologies, and dental technology. Students doing a dentistry degree in Europe have the advantage of exposure to different healthcare systems, cultural diversity, and cutting-edge dental research. 
Available programs in European institutions include endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery – so quite the options! Some of the top universities in Europe offering a master’s in dentistry include: 

  • University of Copenhagen (Denmark) 
  • University of Gothenburg (Sweden) 
  • University of Helsinki (Finland) 
  • University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) 
  • University of Heidelberg (Germany) 
  • University of Zurich (Switzerland) 

Masters in Dentistry in UK 
Besides the previously mentioned, the UK is another country in Europe that offers outstanding master's degree programs in dentistry. It is home to world-class dental schools and is a popular destination for international students pursuing a master’s in dentistry. The programs offered in UK institutions are designed to enhance clinical skills, research capabilities, and dental expertise. Graduates from UK dental programs often go on to have successful careers in clinical practice, research, and teaching. The following are some of the top universities in the UK for obtaining a master’s in dentistry: 

  • King's College London 
  • University of Manchester 
  • University of Edinburgh 
  • University of Dundee 
  • Queen Mary University of London 
  • Newcastle University 
  • University of Glasgow 

Masters in Dentistry in Italy 
Studying in Italy is what dreams are made off. You get high-quality education, mouth-watering food, and mesmerizing views and attractions. So, yeah, Italy's rich cultural heritage extends to its education system, including dental programs!  

Italian universities provide master's in dentistry programs with a strong emphasis on clinical practice, hands-on training, and research. Some of the top universities in Italy for doing a dental degree include: 

  • University of Bologna 
  • University of Milan 
  • University of Padua 
  • University of Naples Federico II 
  • University of Turin 
  • University of Cagliari 

Masters in Dentistry in Canada
Now that we’re done with Europe, it’s time to move on to North America, specifically, Canada. Canada is known for its high-quality healthcare education, so, it should come as no surprise that dental programs are no exception. Canadian master’s degrees in dentistry programs prepare students for clinical practice, research, and leadership roles in the dental field. Some of the top universities in Canada for obtaining a master’s in dentistry include: 

  • University of Toronto 
  • McGill University 
  • UBC Faculty of Dentistry 
  • University of Alberta 
  • Dalhousie University 
  • University of Manitoba 
  • University of British Columbia 

Masters in Dentistry in Turkey 
We’ve saved the best for last. It’s time we’ve discussed doing a master’s in dentistry in Turkey. Turkey is slowly but surely gaining attention and recognition for its growing dental education sector. Turkish universities offer Master's in Dentistry programs that blend clinical practice, research, and modern dental technology. The top universities for obtaining a master’s degree in dentistry in Turkey include: 

  • Hacettepe University 
  • Istanbul University 
  • Marmara University 
  • Ege University 
  • Ankara University 
  • Dokuz Eylül University 
  • Gazi University 

Master's in Dentistry in Turkey Fees 

Before we jump into the details about the fees for doing a master’s degree in dentistry in Turkey, just remember that getting a master’s in dentistry from a Turkish institution is a great investment for you and your future. The cost of a master's degree in dentistry in Turkey is determined by the university and the curriculum. However, Master's in Dentistry programs in Turkey are often less expensive than comparable programs in other countries, such as the US and the UK. International students should expect to pay 16000$ per year in tuition. 

And there you have it! 

A master's degree in dentistry is an important step for dental professionals who want to advance in their careers. Whether you study in Europe, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, or Turkey, these programs provide a thorough education in dentistry, preparing you for a variety of dental jobs. A Master's in Dentistry can lead to a rewarding and impactful dental career by combining clinical practice, research opportunities, and exposure to other healthcare systems. 

When you decide to study a master’s in dentistry in Turkey, contact us if you have any further inquiries. When you apply through Turkey Campus, you secure your spot at one of Turkey’s top universities easily and get tuition fee discounts!  

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