Medipol University Offers Partially Funded Scholarships

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Medipol University Offers Partially Funded Scholarships

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Mon, Jul 10, 2023

Medipol University Scholarship

Medipol University offers partial scholarships to students interested in studying and enrolling in its academic programs. These scholarships provide invaluable opportunities for both local and international students, offering financial support, guaranteed university acceptance, and coverage for all academic years, including the language preparatory year.  

The scholarships cover various disciplines that attract the interest of many students, such as human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, at affordable and competitive prices compared to many European universities. 


The cost of studying human medicine at Medipol University, within this scholarship, starts from $155,000. The cost of studying pharmacy within this scholarship starts from $70,000. Additionally, the cost of studying dentistry within this scholarship starts from $105,000.  

These prices include university acceptance, all academic years, and the language preparatory year. It is worth mentioning that the language of instruction for these disciplines is English, which facilitates language barriers for many non-Turkish-speaking international students. Apply now to study in turkey

Medipol University is one of the prominent private universities in Turkey, ranking among the top universities locally and globally. It has achieved a position of 2,261 in the world university rankings according to the Ranking Web. Despite being a relatively new university in Turkey, it has established a distinctive educational environment, prioritizing the academic level of students by utilizing the latest technologies and educational methods.  

The university is equipped with advanced laboratories, medical research centers, and applied healthcare facilities to enhance practical and applied aspects for students. It offers high-quality education that follows the methodology of prestigious European universities. Furthermore, it possesses one of the largest university libraries, housing thousands of free and paid scientific books and references, both in print and electronic formats, enabling students to access information and broaden their knowledge. 


Medipol University aims to have an academic staff of experienced and competent local and international educators. If you are a student interested in studying at Medipol University and benefiting from the available discounts and facilities, you can contact us to answer all your questions and provide all the necessary information to become one of the fortunate students to study at Medipol University.

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team