Are Cyprus Universities Internationally Accredited ?

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Are Cyprus Universities Internationally Accredited ?

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Tue, Aug 8, 2023

One of the most common questions we receive from students when discussing studying in Turkish Cyprus is whether Turkish Cyprus universities are recognized. Are the certificates from Cypriot universities internationally and regionally accredited?  In this article, we will answer these questions and discuss the accreditations obtained by the programs offered at universities in Cyprus. 

 Are Turkish Cyprus Universities Recognized? 

The short answer to this question is yes, Turkish Cyprus universities are accredited internationally and regionally. However, before we delve into the types of recognition and accreditations that universities in Turkish Cyprus have obtained, let us explain the meaning and importance of university recognition. 

 What Does University Recognition Mean? 

With the significant increase in the number of universities and higher education institutions worldwide, there arose a pressing need for an entity or entities to establish a set of rules and quality standards to ensure the capability and suitability of institutions to fulfill their educational tasks. 

Recognition refers to the university obtaining accreditation from relevant authorities concerning the validity of the programs offered and the academic certificates issued. 

  Types of Recognition and Accreditations 

There are three main types of accreditations: 

National Recognition: 

This is when the university obtains recognition from the Higher Education Council or the Ministry of Higher Education in the country. Other countries often recognize the university if it is recognized in the countries where it operates, without the need for curriculum verification or equivalence. 

Recognition by Other Countries

Some countries do not rely on the previous method for accrediting and recognizing foreign universities. Instead, they conduct research and verification on the university's curriculum and compare it to programs in similar universities within their country. If the results match, recognition is granted to the foreign university. 

  Accreditation by Specialized Institutions: 

This accreditation is obtained for a study program or a group of programs within a university from an international or local reputable institution or body. The institution sets a set of standards to evaluate curriculum quality. The university then applies for accreditation, and if the institution finds conformity with these standards, it grants accreditation. 

  Recognition and Accreditations of Turkish Cypriot Universities 

The majority of universities in Turkish Cyprus were established after obtaining accreditation from the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and have their programs accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation and Evaluation Committee of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (YODAK).  Thus, universities in Turkish Cyprus follow the ECTS system and the Bologna Process, a series of ministerial meetings and agreements among European countries to ensure comparability of standards and quality of higher education qualifications. Additionally, the governing system in Cyprus is autonomous in many matters, including the educational system. Therefore, many universities in Northern Cyprus have entered into bilateral agreements with other countries and have obtained accreditations for their programs from multiple international accreditation bodies. Furthermore, several universities in Northern Cyprus have gained memberships in educational organizations, such as: 

  •  European University Association (EUA) 
  • International Association of Universities (IAU) 
  • Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) 
  • Association of Mediterranean Universities (CMU) 

Top Accredited Universities in Turkish Cyprus 
Near East University 

The university has obtained numerous international and local accreditations and recognitions. It is also a member of over 118 global and international institutes and organizations, including: 

  • ENAEE: European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education 
  • NAAB: National Architectural Accrediting Board 
  • ACPE: Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education 
  • EDEXCEL: Excellence in Education Membership 
  • EUPRERA: European Public Relations Education and Research Association 
  • FIP: International Pharmaceutical Federation 
  • EUR-ACE: European Quality Assurance for Engineering Education 
  • ENQA: European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education 
  • INQAAHE: International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education 
  • ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics 
  • FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation 

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University 
The university has obtained numerous international and local accreditations, including:
Pearson Assured: International accreditation for the quality of English language programs. It indicates that students who completed the English Language Preparatory Year at the university received education in English from an internationally recognized institution. 
EAQUALS: International accreditation for language teaching and assessment quality. 

Eastern Mediterranean University 

The university has gained global accreditations and recognitions, offering internationally recognized educational curricula. It is a member of UNESCO and various other organizations and associations. Some of the key accreditations and recognitions of this university include: 

  • ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics 
  • EQANIE: European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education 
  • ABET: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology 
  • ICE: Institution of Civil Engineers 
  • MIAK: Board of Architecture Accreditation 
  • NAAB: National Architectural Accrediting Board 
  • AHPGS: Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health and Social Sciences 
  • TPD: Turkish Psychological Association 
  • AQAS: Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation 
  • FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation 
  • TEDQUAL: Quality Assurance in Tourism Education and Training Programs 
  • UNWTO.THEMIS: World Tourism Organization 

Cyprus International University 

The university's faculties and programs have obtained various international and Turkish accreditations, such as: 

  •  FEDEK: Accreditation Association for Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences Colleges 
  • EPDAD: Association for Accreditation and Evaluation of Teacher Training Programs 
  • SABAK: Association for Accreditation and Evaluation of Health Sciences Programs 
  • İLEDAK: Accreditation Council for Communication Sciences 
  • MiAK: Board of Architecture Accreditation 
  • MÜDEK: Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs 
  • Pearson Assured: International accreditation for the quality of English language programs 

And there you have it! 

In conclusion, studying at Turkish Cypriot universities presents a unique opportunity for many students. Whether you plan to return to your home country or travel elsewhere for work or further studies, you can present your graduation certificate with confidence. Certificates from Turkish Cypriot universities are widely recognized and accredited globally, thanks to their high-quality education and international and local accreditations. Contact us to reserve your study seat at one of the Turkish Cypriot universities. If you have any inquiries, trust that Turkey Campus is the optimal place for education consultations and services in Turkey. We provide information with integrity and professionalism, guiding you step-by-step from application to university acceptance, arrival, and settlement.  

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team