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ACT Exam

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

And as I explained to you earlier in the article "The Hidden Objects of Certificates, Application, and Admission to Turkish Universities," the ACT is an international test that you can take alongside your high school diploma.

Today we'll talk about it in detail.

• It is an abbreviation for "American College Testing," meaning that it's a study evaluation test. It is one of the most popular university entrance tests in the world, especially in America.

Its main objective is to measure the student's skill and their readiness to study in different disciplines.

• The test contains 60 questions that you have to answer in 4 hours, divided into four main sections: English, mathematics, science, reading, and of course, the test is in English.

• The test is very similar to the SAT, but the ACT is more comprehensive and curriculum-based, and you can also apply for it more than once a year.

The content of the test is as follows:

• The English part contains:

a. Part 1: It contains 75 questions that you have to answer in 45 minutes. This part is about language grammar, you may answer some questions in the 'True or False' way, and you may find other sentences with blanks that you are required to choose the appropriate word grammatically. And also, there are linguistic passages followed by some questions.

b. Part 2: It is the Mathematical part that contains 60 questions that you have to answer in 60 minutes, and this part is divided as follows:

• Pre-algebra has a percentage of 23% of the whole mathematical part.

• Introductory algebra has a percentage of 17%.

• Intermediate algebra has a percentage of 15%.

• Coordinate geometry has a percentage of 15%.

• Plan geometry has a percentage of 23%.

• And finally the trigonometry part has a percentage of 7%.

c. Part 3: The Science part contains 40 questions that you have to answer in 35 minutes, and the questions are in the form of 'True or False.'

d. Part 4: The reading part contains 40 questions that you have to answer in 35 minutes; you will have to read some paragraphs and answer their questions.

In our next article, we will continue explaining the admission requirements, the living costs, available universities, and others in this series, which will be Insha'Allah a complete guide for students to study in Turkey.

The series was prepared in cooperation with Nafham Foundation; the largest platform in Egypt and the Arab world for online education that provides free curriculum explanation and support to young people and students to develop their life skills; and Turkey Campus Foundation for Student Services; which is a certified agent with many Turkish universities in the field of educational consultations and student services.

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فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team