The First Guide | Advantages of the Turkish scholarship

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The First Guide | Advantages of the Turkish scholarship

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Welcome dear reader in our series introducing the Turkish scholarship advantages, secrets and mysteries. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of the Turkish scholarship from the moment you got accepted, until the moment you finish your studies and return back to your homeland.

First, I would like to bring you great news, which is that the Turkish scholarship this year will accept twice the number that it accepts each year, so your acceptance rate has increased dramatically if you meet all the conditions and are sufficiently qualified for the scholarship.

And now we will take you on a tour of the advantages of the Turkish scholarship:

First: The scholarship almost covers all your expenses:

  1. The scholarship covers a large percentage of your personal and study expenses, and you will be completely safe along your study period of the scholarship, regardless of your major or the stage of study in which you are studying.

The scholarship includes:

  1. Visa expenses for entering Turkey: It is a "student" visa and you obtain it from the Turkish embassy of your country.
  2. Air ticket expenses: This is once during your entry into Turkey, and one last time during your return back to your homeland after completing your studies there.
  3. University housing: Whether it belongs to the university or the city, the housing provides you with two meals a day, breakfast + dinner, and all its internal services are completely free.
  4. Comprehensive health insurance: It is government health insurance and is considered the best in Turkey than private insurance.
  5. Your university fees: You are completely exempt from all your university expenses, starting from entering the university until the moment you graduate from it.

Second: Preparatory year for the Turkish language:

  1. The scholarship provides one year for all those who got accepted to obtain a diploma in the Turkish language, it is a great opportunity to obtain the language professionally and from its original source.

Third: a monthly stipend for each academic stage:

The student gets a monthly salary to help him live during his study priod in Turkey, and it is divided as follows:

  1. Excellence Grant = 600 Turkish Liras
  2. Research Grant = 3000 Turkish Liras
  3. Bachelor's Grant = 800 Turkish Liras
  4. Master's Grant = 1100 Turkish Liras
  5. PhD Grant = 1,600 Turkish Liras
  6. It is also possible for masters and PhD students, if they do not want to live in university housing, to obtain a housing allowance of 550 Turkish Liras.

Fourth: Student exchange programs:

  1. The programs allow you to obtain a scholarship to study a term or two in a European country or even in America, and then return to Turkey to graduate from it and you have obtained an education in two different countries.
  2. Turkey is considered one of the most successful countries in the student exchange programs ERSMUS+, and other programs, such as: Al-Farabi and Mevlana, which support the students and teachers exchange between different universities of the world.
  3. During your study period, you can ask at your university about the student exchange programs, and how to enroll in them.

Fifth: Facilitating the travel process:

As a student in a Turkish public university, you can obtain various visas very easily, such as:

  1. Schengen visa, visa to America or any other country for which you are entitled to apply.
  2. Participation in Umrah programs, whether through private companies or through the Ministry of Religions, which offer every year an Umrah program for foreign students at reduced price.
  3. The possibility of obtaining a Hajj visa as a student in Turkey.

Sixth: discounts for students in Turkey:

Being a student in a Turkish university makes you very special, as the student gets many discounts in his daily life, such as:

  1. A discounted transportation card.
  2. Discounts on domestic airline tickets and buses.
  3. Discounts on movie and theater tickets.
  4. Buying a car exempt from customs and taxes.

Seventh: the scientific advantages during your study in Turkey:

The e-mail you get from your university enables you to:

  1. Follow international scientific journals completely free of charge.
  2. Owning most of the paid programs for free.
  3. Access to the scientific thesis archive inside or outside Turkey.
  4. Get free scholarships to learn on paid e-learning sites.

Eighth: Many free services:

The grant enables you to benefit from many services for free, such as:

  1. Free treatment at your university's medical center.
  2. Get advantage of all activities, halls, and playgrounds of the university for free.
  3. Participation in all conferences and events, either for free or in a reduced charge.
  4. The ability to work while studying, with an official permit, but in part-time job.
  5. The ability to open an account in any Turkish bank and obtain a credit card easily.
  6. The possibility of housing in any government housing in Turkey.
  7. You get a 50% reduction from the water consumption bill.

What are the other scholarships besides the Turkish government scholarship?

  1. YTB Excellence Scholarship.
  2. Turkish Scientific Research Grant.
  3. Turkish Endowment Grant.
  4. Turkish Businessmen Association Scholarship.

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Prepared by: Editorial and review team.

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team