Private Universities In Turkey

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Private Universities In Turkey

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Turkey has about 207 universities and up till now the number is still increasing, especially this year, five new universities have been established, this is because Turkey has a plan to significantly increase the number of universities over the next two years.

Therefore, it's not impossible to apply for Turkish universities by yourself, but this will need you to exert a lot of effort and ask a lot. If you decided to get help from someone, this option can be better for you, as it saves time, effort, and also money, which I will explain to you now.

The first step is to look for a company that has a good reputation, and trustworthy to apply for universities through it. Choose the specialty you would like to study, so the company will offer you the available universities according to your scientific level and your financial potential.

Let me clear this on several important points:

Point 1: Saving effort:

This is done by the agents or offices who have a full team to help you and provide you with complete information and consultation about the available universities and specialties, for example, Turkey Campus has two education consultants who graduated from Turkish universities, meaning that once you tell them what specialty you want to study, they will provide you with all right options for you among all universities and even help you to find the best choice for you according to your financial situation, excellence, and desire.

Point 2: Reducing risk:

Any student who takes such a step needs someone who had the same experience before to follow his opinion and experience because he does not want to go through any difficulties or risks while going through the way of determining his goal and achieving his dream. Additionally, the student's parents need an experienced one who can explain to them in a simple way what the student needs are, the living expenses, the housing, the best options, and how the decision of studying abroad can help the student in his future.

Point 3: Saving and exploiting time in the best way:

You have to know that each university has a specific time for application, and each major is governed by a certain number of seats, therefore, the Turkey Campus team will be with you step by step and provide you with a schedule for all universities, the applying steps, and nominate the best universities for you to apply in the best order.

Point 4 and most importantly: financial saving:

Private universities in Turkey determine the tuition fees on their official website, at the same time, the agents of the university such as Turkey Campus Company provides its students with partial grants or large discounts, and sometimes full grants over the official tuition expenses, but on specific terms. I will give you an example. The tuition fees for a computer engineering major in a university if you applied to the university by yourself will be $9,000 annually, but if you submit your papers through Turkey Campus, your official tuition fees will be only $2,000 annually, meaning that you will get a partial grant of 75% over the tuition fees. And all of this is without any financial compensation and completely free of charge as one of Turkey Campus services for its students.

Last point: The airport reception:

Assistance in finishing papers, health insurance, finding housing, and settlement is a point of excellence only for offices and agents such as Turkey Camps Company. It saves a great effort for the student, as it provides him/ her with the right information about the required papers and helps the student to finish them correctly, and also it is a safety factor for parents as it provides reception services to the student and helping him/ her to register for the university until the beginning of his/ her studies.

In the next article, we will provide you with information about the admission requirements, costs of living, available universities and other. This series of articles will be as a comprehensive guide to students looking forward to studying in Turkey. This series was prepared in collaboration with Nafham, the biggest free online crowdsourced educational platform in Egypt and the Middle East that provides online learning and, explanation of the mandated public curriculum and support to youth and students in order to develop their life skills; and Turkey Campus Foundation for student services, a an accredited agent of many Turkish universities in the field of educational counselling. Turkey Campus can help you apply for its partner Turkish universities and guarantee you get accepted there. It also helps you get exclusive over 50% discounts on your annual tuition fees through its partnership with many distinguished universities.

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فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team