The sixth Guide | Studying medical specialties in Turkey

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The sixth Guide | Studying medical specialties in Turkey

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Studying medical specialties is a dream that entices many students and their parents, despite the difference in countries and languages. Therefore, we will shed light on the study of medical specialties in Turkey, especially medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology, due to Turkish universities' distinguished educational level.

  1. The degrees of official and accredited Turkish universities are internationally recognized because Turkey relies on its curricula on two important matters, the first of which is: the Bologna Agreement for Curriculum of Study, and the second is: the approved grading system “ECTS European Credit Transfer System.”
  2. Turkey has 207 governmental and private universities, and about 70 of them are private universities.
  3. Most of the private universities teach majors in the English language, but 95% of them are located in Istanbul and Ankara, for example, universities such as Bahçeşehir, Medipol, Okan, Altınbaş, Istinye, and others. And in Ankara, there are universities such as Atilim, Medipol Ankara, Ostem Technical, TED, and others.

The acceptance to private universities is effortless and fast, meaning that you can obtain acceptance to a university where the conditions are easy and straightforward, the most important of which are:

  1. You had a high school diploma recognized in your country.
  2. A copy of the passport and a transcript of degrees.

And Turkey Campus will help you with the other procedures. Still, the essential help you get is the reduction you get on the annual tuition fees and guaranteeing university acceptance.

For the tuition fees for medical specialties, it starts from:

  1. About 8 thousand dollars annually for the College of Pharmacy.
  2. And about 14 thousand dollars annually for the college of dentistry.
  3. And about 15 thousand dollars annually for the college of medicine.

Of course, the language of study in either English or Turkish, but most of the time, it is English. The universities provide a particular preparatory year for students who do not know the language.

Medipol University is considered one of the best distinguished Turkish universities to study various medical specialties, physiotherapy, nursing, and others.

For governmental universities:

  1. There are about 110 universities in Turkey, in which medical specialties, especially medicine, are available in the English language only in 11 universities, and available in the Turkish language in about 75 universities. Of course, they are distributed over the states of Turkey.
  2. For dentistry specialty, it is available in English in only three governmental universities and in Turkish in about 52 universities.
  3. The College of Pharmacy is available in English in only two universities: Istanbul and Ankara University, and in Turkish in about 27 universities.

Conditions for admission to Turkish universities:

  1. The matter is never easy because besides that you must have obtained more than 90% in the high school diploma, you must have an assistant, which are the international tests.
  2. Let me explain to you a significant point, which is the difference between the right to apply for a medical specialty and your acceptance rate:
  3. Most of the governmental universities do not require any additional tests while applying to them. Instead, your high school diploma is sufficient to use, but is it adequate to accept you? It is challenging and even impossible due to the increased competitiveness and the limited number of seats available to foreigners in medical specialties.
  4. The tuition fees in governmental universities for medical specialties start from 5 hundred dollars annually and reach 8 thousand dollars annually in some universities that teach in the English language.

In the next article, we will provide you with information about the admission requirements, costs of living, available universities, and others. This series of articles will be a comprehensive guide to students looking forward to studying in Turkey. This series was prepared in collaboration with Nafham, the biggest free online crowdsourced educational platform in Egypt and the Middle East that provides online learning and, explanation of the mandated public curriculum and support to youth and students in order to develop their life skills; and Turkey Campus Foundation for student services, an accredited agent of many Turkish universities in the field of educational counseling. Turkey Campus can help you apply for its partner Turkish universities and guarantee you get accepted there. It also helps you get exclusive over 50% discounts on your annual tuition fees through its partnership with many distinguished universities.

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فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team