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Transportation Bus and Aviation

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Turkey has a huge transportation network that makes it one of the largest transportation networks in Europe. Making travel within Turkey easy, simple, and cheap compared with the distinguished service provided. Making it easier for you, we divide transportation within Turkey into two types:

Transportation between Turkish cities, Transportation within the two largest towns, the administrative capital Ankara and the tourism capital Istanbul in a separate article.

Transportation between Turkish cities:

As it is more common, city-city transportation is divided into three means: The bus, train, aircraft, and sometimes the ship between some cities.

In this article, we explain the bus and aviation network.

The Bus:

  1. Turkey is famous for its very large road network made it of the largest networks in Europe and the Turkish government works hard for the construction of new roads to reduce the time and effort for travel between the Turkish cities.
  2. And also known for the excellency of its service on buses, there is very strong competition among companies to attract the traveler to them.
  3. You can imagine that Turkey has 276 officially registered bus companies to transport passengers between Turkish cities. But some are famous more than the other.
  4. For example companies: Metro – KAMIL KOC – Varane – PAMUKKALE– Nelover – Anadolu -etc.
  5. The transportation network operates 24 hours a day and the number of daily trips increases in the holidays and summer season.
  6. Most large companies offer free meals and drinks during the journey with your own TV screen with a huge amount of movies, series, songs, and games and you can connect your device to them in some companies. Free Internet access is available throughout the trip, although in some companies there are but not functioning properly, as is the case with Metro Company.
  7. The ease of booking and seat selection is the most characteristic of the major corporate services and also the possibility of changing or canceling the booking at least one hour before the travel time.
  8. Large companies provide a free ride to the departure station through a bus taking off every hour in front of the offices of these companies across the city.
  9. It also provides a free ride to various neighborhoods from the terminal through buses taking off from the station to these neighborhoods according to a scheduled schedule.
  10. We always recommend using the site:
  11. In the party reservation services, it is secure in terms of payment and all types of lines and companies are available on it.
  12. It also allows for a seat selection service and shows the direction of the sun during the day trip (this is very important for some people who travel with children or patients)
  13. It also provides the service of knowledge of the gender of the passenger (this is also very important for some women or girls).

Inter-city mobility rates vary according to many factors, for example:

  1. The Company
  2. Distance traveled
  3. Travel time
  4. Travel season
  5. Booking time

Therefore, we always advise booking enough time before the trip.


  1. One of the amazing things to note in Turkey is that airlines compete not only with each other but also compete with bus companies.
  2. In some seasons, flight tickets are cheaper than a bus ticket. Although some distances in Turkey between the city and the other are up to 22 hours by bus, you can imagine shortening this time to only two hours at the same price.

Here are the local companies within Turkey, which also have international flights.

  1. Turkish Airlines
  2. Sun Express Company
  3. Pegasus Airlines
  4. Anadolu Jet Company
  5. Onur Air Company
  6. Atlas Jet Company
  7. Easy Jet Company
  8. The Turkish Cypriot airline

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team