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Transportation in Istanbul

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Istanbul – Tourist Capital

It's kind of different in Istanbul. The transport in Istanbul is so numerous and so complex that we are unable to list all of its details in an article.

So, we will try to show the basic things and important information about Istanbul's transportation.

Transportation in Istanbul is divided into:

  1. Public buses: Whether it's a government-run with a smart card or a private with cash payment
  2. The two-story express bus
  3. Old tram (like in Istiklal Street)
  4. Metrobus (a bus that runs in a separate route next to the cars)
  5. Subway
  6. Regular Metro
  7. Tramway
  8. The Vionicolier (the small metro consisting of two carriages such as the Metro between Taksim and the Kabatach)
  9. Cable car
  10. Water Buses (Hydro Steamers)


There are also a number of cards used for transportation in Istanbul:

  1. Istanbul Card, which has three types: Regular Card – Student card – teacher or social card
  2. Blue Card (monthly), which has three types: Regular – Student – teacher's or social card
  3. An E-ticket (specific use for a given number of times): For once – or two – three – four – or five times of rides

To determine the types of tariffs, you should note that your card type determines the cost of the trip, so we will try to list the types of tariffs according to the card types in the following table:

Istanbul Card:

Istanbul CardRegular cardStudent CardTeacher or social Card
First Use 2.30 Lira1.15 Lira1.65 Lira
First Use- (after 10 minutes from the first)1.65 Lira50 piasters95 piasters
Second use1.25 Lira45 piasters75 piasters
Third use (And the following of fourth and fifth etc)85 piasters40 piasters50 piasters


  1. The price of the Istanbul regular card is 6 Liras and shipped from the dedicated machines within the terminals or from the approved outlets located throughout Istanbul.
  2. The discounted student card is got from one of the main stations during the daily working hours through the presentation of the student's certificate of enrolment attached with the passport copy and personal photograph.
  3. Extraction fees for the first time are 10 liras-for renovation is 5 liras-in case of loss, a replacement card is extracted for 20 TL.

Blue Card (monthly):

  1. For ordinary people, it is shipped for 185 lire per month.
  2. For students for 80 lire per month
  3. For the teacher 110 lire per month


  1. The Blue Card is extracted from the municipal offices available at the main stations.
  2. You can apply for it with a passport copy and personal photograph for the regular person, and for the student, the same documents are required, but the certificate of enrolment is also required.
  3. Extraction fees for the first time are 10 liras-for renovation is 10 liras-in case of loss, a replacement card is extracted for 20 TL.
  4. This card gives you the right to use transportation for 200 times per month, and in the event that the number of times mentioned is finished, the card will be charged and the charging will be according to the card category (regular or student, etc.) until the month expires and the renewal is done on time.

Limited tickets (for use for a certain number only)

  1. For once: 4 lira
  2. Twice: 7 lira
  3. Three times: 10 lira
  4. Five times: 15 Lira
  5. Ten times: 30 Lira



The Metrobus differs from the rest of Istanbul transport, and its tariff is somewhat different, because of its large number of stations, it applies a fair use policy. This is by calculating the value of the ride according to the number of stations.

For example, the person who used the service for two stations is not equal to someone who used it for 20 stations.

Here you are the following table:

Number of stationsRegular cardStudent CardTeacher's cardBlue Card
1- 31.80 Lira1 Lira1.30 Lira1 time
4 – 92.80 Lira1.15 Lira1.65 Lira2 times
10 – 153.00 Lira1.20 Lira1.70 Lira2 times
16 – 213.15 Lira1.20 Lira1.80 Lira2 times
22 – 273.25 Lira1.20 Lira1.80 Lira2 times
28 -333.40 Lira1.20 Lira1.90 Lira2 times
34 – 393.55 Lira1.20 Lira1.90 Lira2 times
40 and over3.55 Lira1.20 Lira1.90 Lira2 times


  1. Very Important: The highest value for the use of the Metrobus is deducted on the first ride and it is 3.55 liras for the regular person or 1.20 liras for student etc., and after your ride and coming down from the Metrobus, there are machines outside the terminals called (due value recovery machines) to calculate the number of stations you have used and return the remaining value to card automatically.
  2. There are no second use discounts at the Metrobus
  3. In the case of the use of any transport mean after Metrobus, the second use policy is applied within only two hours after the first use time.
  4. The highest value of the Metrobus tariff is deducted if it is used between 12 p.m. and 6 a.m. Regardless of the number of stations.

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team