Health Insurance for Students in Turkey


Health Insurance for Students in Turkey

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Tue, Sep 19, 2023

Studying abroad is an exciting journey that comes with many responsibilities and considerations, and as a potential international student in Turkey, you must know that you are required to have health insurance covering the duration of your stay in the country. In this article, we discuss how you can get health insurance for students in Türkiye easily. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 


Health Services in Turkey 

Before we go into details about health insurance for students in Türkiye, you need to understand how the healthcare system in Turkey actually works. To keep it short, Turkey has two healthcare sectors: public and private. The public sector is administered by the Ministry of Health. It provides healthcare services for both citizens and foreigners. As for the private sector, it’s the more popular choice for foreigners and international students, as it provides quicker access to extensive health services. 

Types of Health Insurance for Students in Turkey 

Now that you have a good understanding of the healthcare system in Turkey, it’s about time we got down to business and discussed health insurance options for international students in Turkey. Health insurance for international students is more than just a legal requirement for them to study in Turkey, it ensures them access to medical care without emptying their wallets. There are two types of health insurance available for international students in Turkey: general health insurance (GSS) and private health insurance. 

General Health Insurance (GSS) 

The General health insurance (Turkish: Genel Sağlık Sigortası’dır) is a health insurance plan provided by the Turkish government. It covers basic health services, including prescription drugs and emergency services. International students can apply for it within three months of registering at their university. To be eligible for GSS, students must be enrolled full-time at a recognized university in Turkey and be under the age of 25. 

You might be asking; “How can I apply for GSS health insurance?” Well, say no more. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for it: 

  • Visit your nearest Social Security Institution (SGK) office  
  • Get a copy of your passport  
  • Get a copy of your student visa  
  • Get a copy of your university registration certificate  
  • Complete a GSS application form 

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Private Health Insurance 

Moving on to the more popular option for international students seeking health insurance for students in Türkiye, the private health insurance. If you’re wondering why, it’s because private health insurance policies offer more comprehensive medical care services than the general one. In addition to emergency services and prescription drugs, it covers dental services and repatriation in case of severe illness (returning you to your home country safely if you become very sick). 

As with most things in life, all really good things come with a price- a really expensive one- and private medical insurance is great, so, as you’ve already guessed, it’s a bit expensive. 

Some popular private health insurance companies in Turkey include:  


  • Allianz Turkiye 
  • ACIBADEM Health Group 
  • Anadolu Insurance 
  • Mapfre Insurance 
  • AXA Insurance 

Student Health Insurance Rates 

Now that you’ve learned about the types of health insurance for students in Türkiye, it’s time to dive into the not-so pleasant part: the finances. The cost of health insurance for students in Turkey varies depending on the type of coverage you choose and the company you purchase it from. Here’s what expect when it comes to fees of health insurance for students in Türkiye: 

General Health Insurance (GSS): Around 500-600 per month  

Private Health Insurance: Between 1300 and 2500 TL per month 

And you’re all set! 

Getting health insurance for students in Türkiye is such an important step for you to feel secure and sleep soundly at night. Whether you choose general health insurance or a private one, you’re ensured to have a decent healthcare service. By making an informed decision and prioritizing your health, you can fully immerse yourself in your academic journey and explore the rich culture and history of Turkey with confidence! 

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