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Customs Culture and Religion

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team Sat, Nov 5, 2022

Practice of religion

If you are a religious Muslim, maintain the performance of the five prayers, fast Ramadan and follow the teachings of the Islamic religion, I can assure that you will practice all religious rites without any reservations or obstacles of any kind, because the Turkish people are a Muslim people, since 95% of the Turks are Muslims, although the Islamic religion is not the official religion for the Turkish Republic; Turkey is secular, based on the lack of confusion between religion and political life. But the Turks, as we have made clear, are Muslims and love Islam, and if not all of them are strictly religious and committed to religion, but they appreciate and respect the religion that they believe in.

In every region of any Turkish city, there is at least a large mosque open for all prayers, but in Istanbul, it is different as you can find a mosque in every corner or at the end of each of its historic streets. If you want to pray at your place of work, study or stay, you will find the opportunity and the place available to do so.

Ramadan in Turkey

In the month of Ramadan, every municipality in Turkey make a Ramadan tent for providing food for fasting or even non-fasting people – no one will ask you whether you are fasting or not? And why? -the rich and the poor, young men, girls, women, children, the elderly, the worker, the manager, the engineer and the Doctor race to these Al Rahman Tables as they are called, there is no exception for age, class or sex, everyone sits eating with his friends or family in happiness and love without embarrassment or shame; Sometimes i had the breakfast – the delicious and hot food – which is offered free of charge by the municipality with some of the rich and the owners of companies who wear elegant and luxurious clothes and no one will complain, so don't worry, of course nobody will not ask you “are you in need to come here?”. And no one will refer to you saying poor! Don't forget that you are in Turkey.

Life in the month of Ramadan in Turkey goes on routinely, working hours, cultural and sporting activities and all aspects of social life, business and study are not affected by the month of Ramadan or fasting, restaurants, lounges and recreation houses are open to those who want and who wants to live Ramadan in the way they prefer.. Nobody asks why you don't fast?. I mention that because almost a third of the Turks do not fast Ramadan for one reason or another, so don't be surprised when you see a group of friends sitting in a restaurant eating lunch – in the afternoon – during the day of Ramadan, it is very natural because you are in Turkey.

Clothes culture in Turkey

If you want to learn about the culture of choosing beautiful clothes in Turkey, you will find Turks the most elegant and tasteful people in the choice of consistency of shapes, colors, designs and fashions. Istanbul alone has hundreds of world fashion homes and the latest fashion lines not only in shape and design but also in quality and professionalism. The city of Istanbul is considered a modern fashion house in the world of fashion, there is no doubt that part of the recent economic renaissance in Turkey is based on the progress and prosperity in the textile, clothes and readymade garments sector which has created a boom in social life in Turkey.

In Turkey, it is not possible to determine the direction of people choosing of the designs and models of their clothes, as people are different in their wearing and preferences, each wears what they like; what he sees fit for him and his taste or personality without regard to any religious caveats, social taboos, cultural prohibitions or even any intellectual beliefs and references. Very simply, you can stand in a queue to take a mass transit bus in one of the squares such as Kizilai square, the most famous square of the capital Ankara, to find all sorts of fashion front of you, the wide and the narrow, the short and the long, and the open and the closed. The Turkish proverb tells you “eat what you like and wear what you like too, and don't care about anyone or anyone's opinion”.

Studying in Turkey

Cultural and religious life in Turkey is independent and has a great deal of freedom, and you will find what you aspire to, that this or that, you have the freedom to believe in, or do as long as you do not encroach on the freedom of others or not harm anyone.

On this basis, university students' undergraduate cities have a separate housing for boys and girls, mostly in the home. Mixing here in Turkey is permitted and is present at all stages of the school and educational life from kindergarten to the end, there is no so-called separation of boys from girls, all are citizens of the first class and have all rights and have all the duties regardless of being male or female.

فريق تركي كامبس | Turkey Campus Team