Your Guide to Important Dates for Your Turkish Study Adventure

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Your Guide to Important Dates for Your Turkish Study Adventure

Alaa Ashraf Wed, Jan 17, 2024

Setting for a Turkish study adventure promises a vibrant culture, rich history, and delicious cuisine. However, before packing your bags and jumping on a plane, understanding the deadlines and requirements is crucial for international students. This comprehensive guide highlights key application deadlines for studying in Turkey that you absolutely cannot miss to ensure a smooth transition into your Turkish study adventure. Let’s dive right in!

Studying in Turkey Application Deadlines 

Here are the most important dates you need to keep at the back of your mind if you’re seeking higher education in Turkey:

Pre-Application Deadlines

  • December 1st: TOMER (Turkish Online Measurement for Education, Research, and Development Center) applications open for the May and June testing sessions. Registering early guarantees a spot and allows a lot of preparation time.

  • February 1st–28th: Attention international students! Mark your calendars for these dates, an open window to apply for Turkish scholarships, like the Türkiye Scholarships and Erasmus+ grants. These financial lifesavers can ease the burden of studying abroad, but don't miss their deadlines!
    They might differ from university application windows, so research early, tailor your applications to each scholarship's specific criteria, and gather those required documents well in advance.

  • March 1st–20th: University-specific early admission deadlines might be available, especially for competitive programs. Check individual university websites for specific dates and requirements.

Application Deadlines

  • April 15th–May 15th: Mark your calendars to these dates and navigate the ÖSYM system (Student Selection and Placement Center) - your gateway to Turkish university dreams. This portal handles applications for most programs across various academic levels (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral).
    Remember, deadlines differ by university and level, so carefully review each institution's requirements well in advance, typically several months before the academic year starts.

    If you feel like it’s a hassle, Turkey Campus can help you apply to a university in Turkey!

  • June 1st–15th: Unlocking your Turkish academic dream involves proving your language skills. Most universities require proficiency proofs for the Turkish-taught or English-taught programs.
    Tests like TOEFL, IELTS, or YÖS are common requirements for entry, so mark down their test dates and registration deadlines well in advance. Remember, some universities might require the TOMER Proficiency Exam, so check their specific requirements to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Post-Application Deadlines 

  • July–August: This is one of the most important application deadlines for studying in Turkey, as universities announce admission results. Keep an eye on your email and university websites for updates.

  • August–September: Landing an acceptance letter is just the first victory lap! Now, buckle up for Turkey student visa procedures. Contact the nearest Turkish consulate or embassy to understand the process and the required documents.
    Start the application early, as processing times can vary, and ensure you have your visa secured before booking your flight to Turkey. Remember, upon acceptance, your chosen university will also specify deadlines for submitting additional documents like your passport and health insurance.

  • September–October: Once officially a Turkish student, course registration and tuition fees await. Don't forget to finalize your accommodation arrangements, whether exploring on-campus dorms or navigating off-campus options with your university's help, or our help!

Orientation Dates 

Orientation sessions are typically conducted before the start of the academic year to help international students adapt to their new environment. These sessions provide valuable information about campus facilities, cultural adaptation, and academic expectations. Mark the orientation dates on your calendar to ensure a smooth transition into your Turkish study adventure. 

Additional Tips for International Students 

  • Start early: Research programs and application procedures well in advance.
  • Proofread carefully: Ensure all documents are complete and error-free before submitting.
  • Stay organized: Keep track of deadlines and documents using a calendar or checklist.
  • Communicate effectively: Don't hesitate to contact universities or scholarship programs for clarification on any doubts.
  • Embrace flexibility: Be prepared to adapt to unexpected situations and adjust your plans if needed.

Useful Resources 

  • Turkish Ministry of Education 
  • Turkish universities' websites: Individual university websites will have specific information on application procedures and deadlines.

And that’s all, folks!

By staying informed and proactive, you can confidently navigate the application deadlines for studying in Turkey, securing your place at a Turkish university. Meticulous planning and timely action are key to unlocking your Turkish study adventure, so buckle up, embrace the deadlines, and prepare for an unforgettable journey!

If you want some help navigating the application process, Turkey Campus is here to help you get answers to any inquiries about studying in Turkey. You can also learn about other services we provide and discounts on tuition fees when applying through our platform!

Alaa Ashraf


The application periods for universities in Turkey typically open several months before the start of the academic year, usually in the fall for the following academic year.

Yes, universities may have varying application deadlines for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It's crucial to review the specific timelines set by each institution.

Yes, you can apply to multiple universities in Turkey.

Visit the official website of the university you are interested in or contact their admissions office directly. Universities often provide detailed information about application deadlines on their websites.